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FAQ & Technical Info

​Can I place an order over the phone?

Yes of course. Our office hours are shown to the left. Feel free to call and talk to one of our experienced staff.

​What about delivery?

We are happy to deliver your goods to you for free if you are within West Dunbartonshire, or selected surrounding areas. Delivery date is dependent upon our van being available. Non account customers are required to pay before goods will be released. Delivery to places further afield are at our discretion and may incur a delivery charge. We are also happy to arrange courier delivery to customers and will inform customers of any extra cost before delivery. Or if you wish you can collect your goods from our office.

How do I know my printing will be correct?

We will not print your job until you are happy to proceed. You will receive a proof of artwork to check for any errors or amendments. It is vitally important that you check any proofs fully and carefully. (Please note that the digital proofs supplied are not colour accurate and there may be slight variations between this and the final litho printed job). Any errors missed are your responsibility. You will be charged for any reprint. Make sure everything is correct before giving approval.

​​What are the terms for payment?

All prices given include V.A.T. at the current rate. Some items, such as leaflets are Zero
rated. If ordering online payment will be taken when you place your order. Ordering in-store or by telephone - Current account customers will have 28 days from the date of invoice to pay. Non-account customers are required to pay for goods before they will be released to them. All goods will remain the property of JJR Print Ltd until payment has been made in full.

What if I have a complaint?

Not something we usually have to deal with! However if you do have a complaint about your printed materials please call us and we will endeavour to rectify any justifiable issues. Complaints must be made within 24 hours of receiving goods.

What is print-ready artwork?

Eight Helpful Hints When Creating Artwork


ONE   Files must be supplied as:

  •         PDF - press ready with all fonts & images embedded

  •         PSD - layers flattened

  •         JPG - maximum quality

  •         TIF - layers flattened

  •         EPS - fonts converted to outlines

  •         AI - fonts converted to outlines


Microsoft Office Packages

We accept files saved in Microsoft Office packages (Word, Powerpoint, Publisher,Excel etc), but there is important information for these file types under ‘Office Hints & Tips’


TWO Setup
Files must be supplied one up to the correct size with bleed (where applicable). Do not impose your files. Our size guide will help you supply the right dimensions.


Please ensure 3mm of bleed all round the page. Look to our ‘Technical Info’ page for an
explanation of bleed & its importance.


FOUR Margins
Please ensure that all text, logos, graphics, images etc are at least 5mm in from the edge of the finished page size.


FIVE Resolution
Resolution for print must be at least 300dpi (dots per inch). This ensures good quality output. 72dpi is for screen resolution only, pictures taken from the web will be 72dpi.


SIX Colour
Ensure artwork is converted to the CMYK colour space, unless you require Pantone PMS spot

colours. (NO RGB) Convert to grayscale if your artwork is to be printed in black and white. Your artwork may not print properly if supplied in RGB. A hard copy of your job should be supplied so we can ensure colours are matched as close to your expectation as possible. Colours printed using Ink Jet printers often produce ‘brighter’ results than when reproduced lithographically.


SEVEN Fonts & Links
All fonts must be converted to paths or outlines (where applicable) & images/logos
etc embedded within the file.


EIGHT Layers
All layers must be flattened


Important note:
All print ready artwork must be supplied in line with these specifications. Artwork received out with these specifications may be subject to additional amendment charges. JJR Print Ltd cannot accept responsibility for print errors where artwork has been supplied incorrectly.

If you have any questions or need any further assistance in setting up your artwork, please do not hesitate to contact the studio on 01389 763765, or email your enquiry to

How do I send my artwork?

Sending Print Ready Files?

Sending print ready artwork - please use one of these methods to get it to us.

By Email
Files should be sent to
Please ensure that the total of file sizes attached does not exceed 30MB. Files over this size may not be received or clog up your outbox and our inbox. If your files are over 30MB, please send over two or more emails or by File Transfer (details below).
Please ensure your full contact details are included within the email.

By File Transfer
Larger files (up to 2GB) can be sent via, a free file transfer website.
- Go to the website
- Put your email address in the ‘From’ box
- Enter in the ‘To’ box
- Click ‘Select File’ and attach your files
- Add a subject & short message detailing your job description
- Hit ‘Send It’
Your file will be uploaded and an email will be sent to JJR Print. Please email and state that you are sending the files via We Transfer. Include full contact details within the email.

By Post
Files should be sent on CD or memory pen to:
JJR Print Ltd, 3 Poplar Road, Broadmeadow Industrial Estate, Dumbarton G82 2RD

Hard Copy & Mock-ups
For all artwork supplied that requires a particular imposition or folding, it is helpful if you send a hard copy or electronic mock up along with the print files of exactly how your job should look. This allows us to see the correct page order, backup & folds and helps to spot any potential problems before we prepare your proof/go to print.

What happens next?

Once we receive your order confirmation approval and payment, a proof will be prepared by our studio and emailed for your approval.
Print ready files will be checked for size, bleed, layout and print quality and if there are any issues, we will inform you and ask you to send corrected files. We may be able to correct small problems in the studio, but this may be subject to an amendment charge - you will be notified of this before we proceed.
Once your proof is approved, we will process it for print and finishing getting your order ready to be collected or despatched to you.

Can you help me with some Technical Information?

Bleed is extra space around the outside of the printed area. If the background colour or image goes ‘off the edge’, 3mm of bleed must be added onto each edge of the artwork. The background image or colour should extend into this bleed area, but keep all important info/text/logos etc out of this area as it is trimmed off when the page is cut down to the required size. Adding bleed ensures there will be no white area around the edge of the page. Please have a look at the paper size chart that shows dimensions including bleed area of our most popular products. If you are still unsure, please call or email.

‘Microsoft Office’ Program Hints & Tips

‘Microsoft Office’ programs such as Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, Excel etc., are not commercial design & print packages. Files created in these packages are converted to PDF or JPG for print and this conversion can occasionally generate unexpected results. A proof will always be supplied for you to check carefully for any changes in the document. All images/logos etc. must be sized properly within the file and all items outwith the artboard must be deleted. This information is given as a guide only and JJR Print Ltd cannot be held responsible for any unexpected or unwanted results generated from files created in ‘Office’ packages. Generally we find for best results it is necessary to ‘recreate’ your artwork using industry programmes, this will result in extra charges being incurred.


All non-vector artwork should be supplied at a minimum of 300dpi (dots per inch). Artwork supplied lower than 300dpi may result in print appearing blurred, fuzzy or pixelated.

Fonts & Linked Files

All fonts must be embedded within the file, converted to paths or outlines or text layers flattened where applicable so that there are no font problems. All photos, images, logos and graphics must be embedded or flattened in the finished files. If links are not embedded, this could cause images or logos to print at low resolution.

Paper Sizes

To make creating your own artwork a little easier we have compiled the paper size chart below which shows width and height in millimetres (mm) of the most popular sizes of our products and the overall size including bleed.

Size                          Finished Size             Inc. Bleed
A0                             841 x 1189                 847 x 1195
A1                             594 x 841                   600 x 847
A2                             420 x 594                   426 x 600
A3                             297 x 420                   303 x 426
A4                             210 x 297                   216 x 303
A5                             148.5 x 210                154.5 x 216
A6                             105 x 148.5                111 x 154.5
A7                               74 x 105                    80 x 111
Credit Card                 55 x 85                      61 x 91
Business Card           55 x 88                       61 x 94
Compliments Slip       99 x 210                   105 x 216




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