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Caring for our environment

The SPI Programme: Gaining competitive advantage through
adopting a “triple bottom line” approach


The concept of the “triple bottom line” is that maximising business performance not only depends on profit but also by the impact the business's activities has on society as a whole.


After 50 years in business, JJR Print, a Dumbarton-based printing company, understands the value of triple bottom-line business decisions. As a long established company JJR Print not only strives to maximise profit but also has strong links to the local community.


Now the company is adopting a proactive approach to environmental management through a focus on resource efficiency as part of its business model.


This follows their recent investment aimed at improving the thermal performance of their premises, the first of a host of recommendations outlined in the SPI programme’s ‘Resource Efficiency Action Plan’. Despite an apparent hefty upfront cost, these will reduce heat loss between 25 and 35%, giving them an attractive payback period.


However, for JJR Print, improving their resource efficiency is not simply a matter of reducing their energy costs but is also an opportunity to re-define their business philosophy in which sustainability is now factored into the decision-making process.

They have reduced their waste to landfill by over 85% by becoming more informed about what happens to their waste and increasing recycling. They have also streamlined their printing processes and reduced their chemicals and inks use.


Seeing the PR benefits of this strategy, they are now connecting with customers and community with a “sustainable business” message. According to Managing Director Iain Robertson; “Having to be competitive is very, very important, because in a shrinking market place you need to stand out from the crowd… to be of assistance…to lead all the

local businesses”


You can visit the Crichton Carbon Centre by clicking on their logo above.




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